måndag 24 februari 2014

Gunboats 1 year

In a few days my "gunboats" or "Longwings" from Italigente/Oscar Jacobson will turn one year. The past year have seen plenty of use durin spring/autumn/winter and some limited use in the summer.

The shoes have served me well and are in very good shape. I haven't been too careful polishing them or cleaning them and still they are as good as new. They have begun developing quite a nice patina in places though. I love the way the colour of the leather is developing. Overall they have a sturdy, yet elegant feel and have also grown very comfortable with use. (They caused me some pain early on).

I use these shoes mainly in combination with green or light tan chinos or raw denim, but they also look quite good with a navy blue suit.

Enjoy the pictures:

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